Media Release: Introducing a Certificate of Appreciation for any Pharmacist that performs a 7CPA ELS assignment

Draft Certificate Of Appreciation 2

​​Given the demands of COVID-19 and the shortage of Pharmacists in all parts of Australia, the PPA have worked with Raven's Recruitment, the contracted service provider in relation to the 7CPA Emergency Locum Service (ELS), to introduce a Certificate of Appreciation for any Pharmacist that performs a 7CPA ELS assignment.

Heidi Dariz, GM of Raven's Recruitment, said “The ELS provides important support to pharmacies in rural and remote Australia in circumstances where a Pharmacist experiences a personal emergency and is unable to work.  We feel it’s appropriate to recognise those that drop everything at short notice, take themselves out of their comfort zone and travel to outback areas to provide important locum support.  While pharmacists offering their time to support the service are well remunerated, one of the biggest rewards is walking into a pharmacy that would otherwise close helping ensure it remains open so it can continue to serve its local community.  Working in a different location, seeing smiles on the faces of customers who are able to continue to access pharmacy services is at the heart of the program.”

Further, Heidi Dariz added “We feel that doing an ELS placement is something more pharmacists should consider - even just once in their career, it’s a great opportunity for adventure and can be highly rewarding.”