Revolutionising Healthcare: Perspectives from the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia on Scope of Practice Review

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​As the healthcare landscape undergoes a paradigm shift, the 'Unleashing the Potential of Our Workforce – Scope of Practice Review' otherwise known as the Cormack Review, takes centre stage. In this blog post, we explore the responses of two influential entities, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA), shedding light on their recommendations and visions for the future of pharmacy practice.

The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA): Fostering Equity, Consistency, and Collaboration

SHPA's response to the Scope of Practice Review is marked by a commitment to a collaborative care approach that recognises the full capabilities of the pharmacy workforce. Here are key insights from SHPA's President, Tom Simpson:

  1. Consistent Collaborative Care: SHPA advocates for a nationally-consistent approach supported by consistent funding models. The emphasis is on utilising appropriately trained pharmacists and technicians to their full scope, alleviating the strain on the healthcare system.

  2. Successful Prescribing Models: Drawing from years of experience, SHPA highlights the success of patient-centred collaborative pharmacist prescribing models. The President notes that these models, such as Partnered Pharmacist Medication Charting (PPMC), have proven to be safer for patients and could lead to substantial economic savings if implemented nationwide.

  3. Expanding Collaborative Models: While acknowledging the success of collaborative healthcare in hospital settings, SHPA looks forward to the transfer of these models into primary care. The organisation supports the adoption of PPMC in aged care, showcasing the potential benefits of such models beyond hospital environments.

  4. Role of Pharmacy Technicians: SHPA recognizes the vital role of pharmacy technicians in supporting pharmacists. The recommendations include technician-led dispensing and supply of medications, allowing pharmacists to focus on high-value patient-facing clinical roles.

For detailed recommendations from SHPA, refer to their official website.

Pharmacy Guild of Australia: Embracing Change in Healthcare Delivery

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia responds positively to the Unleashing the Potential of Our Health Workforce Review, particularly welcoming the Australian College of Nursing's call for changes to the healthcare model. Key points from Pharmacy Guild National President Professor Trent Twomey include:

  1. Nurses' Full Scope of Practice: The Guild supports the idea that, like pharmacists, nurses can contribute significantly by working to their full scope of practice. The Guild aligns with the Australian College of Nursing's submission, emphasising the need for healthcare professionals to work smarter to meet the growing health needs of the population.

  2. Redesigning Healthcare: Professor Twomey sees the Cormack Review as a rare opportunity to redesign the healthcare system, advocating for all health professionals, including pharmacists and nurses, to work collaboratively in the best interests of patients and the community.

  3. Improving Patient Access: The Guild believes that pharmacists and nurses, operating at their full scope and expertise, can enhance patient access to healthcare services, ultimately relieving pressure on the strained health system.

Conclusion: The responses from the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia offer a comprehensive view of the evolving role of pharmacists and healthcare professionals. As the healthcare system undergoes transformation, these organisations advocate for collaborative, patient-centred approaches that could potentially revolutionise healthcare delivery in Australia.

For more information, explore the Pharmacy Guild of Australia's response and SHPA's recommendations on the Scope of Practice Review.

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