The 8CPA Agreement: A New Dawn for Pharmacists' Career Prospects

Dall·E 2024 06 06 12

​​As the sun rose on another bustling day in Melbourne, Sarah, a community pharmacist, opened her pharmacy with a renewed sense of hope. She had just read the latest news about the 8th Community Pharmacy Agreement (8CPA) and the promising changes it heralded. This agreement, a collaboration between the government and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, promised not just better patient care but also brighter career prospects for pharmacists across the nation.

What is the 8CPA?

The 8CPA is the latest in a series of agreements designed to guide the funding and delivery of community pharmacy services in Australia. Signed in mid-2024, it outlines a five-year roadmap focusing on enhancing the role of pharmacists, expanding their professional services, and ensuring sustainable business models for community pharmacies.

Enhancing Patient Care

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia hailed the 8CPA as a "win for patients". Central to the agreement is a substantial increase in funding for community pharmacy programs, including medication management services, immunisation, and chronic disease management. This boost is expected to significantly improve patient outcomes by ensuring better access to essential pharmacy services.

Professional Practice and Development

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) also welcomed the agreement, noting its strategic importance for professional practice. The PSA's involvement in shaping the 8CPA underscores the commitment to elevating the professional standards and practices of pharmacists. This focus on professional development is a critical aspect that will directly impact pharmacists' careers by providing more opportunities for specialisation and advanced practice roles.

Career Prospects and Opportunities

For pharmacists like Sarah, the 8CPA is more than just a policy document; it's a gateway to new career pathways. With the increased funding and emphasis on professional services, pharmacists can expect:

  1. Expanded Roles: The agreement supports the expansion of pharmacists' roles in areas such as chronic disease management, aged care, and mental health. This expansion not only diversifies the work pharmacists do but also opens up new specialisation opportunities.

  2. Continuing Professional Development (CPD): Enhanced funding for CPD programs means that pharmacists can stay at the forefront of clinical practice, continually updating their skills and knowledge. This commitment to lifelong learning ensures that pharmacists can advance their careers and take on leadership roles within their communities.

  3. Increased Job Security: With a focus on sustainable business models, the 8CPA aims to ensure the financial viability of community pharmacies. This stability translates to greater job security for pharmacists, allowing them to focus on providing high-quality care without the constant worry of economic pressures.

Support from SHPA

The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) also expressed strong support for the 8CPA, particularly its provisions for integrating pharmacists more deeply into primary healthcare. By fostering closer collaboration between hospital and community pharmacists, the agreement encourages a more cohesive healthcare system, where pharmacists play a pivotal role in patient care transitions. This integration is set to enhance career mobility and opportunities for pharmacists across different sectors of healthcare.

The Role of Raven's Recruitment

At Raven’s Recruitment, we understand the profound impact the 8CPA will have on the pharmacy profession. Our mission is to help Australian community pharmacists find jobs they love, matching them with roles that align with their professional aspirations and the new opportunities emerging from the 8CPA. Whether you're looking to specialise in a new area, advance to a leadership position, or simply find a stable, fulfilling role, we are here to support you every step of the way.


The 8CPA marks a significant milestone for community pharmacy in Australia. By enhancing patient care, promoting professional development, and ensuring the sustainability of pharmacy businesses, it paves the way for improved career prospects for pharmacists. As Sarah reflects on her future, she feels optimistic about the new opportunities that lie ahead.

What aspects of the 8CPA are you most excited about for your career?