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More Vaccines, More Victorian Pharmacist Vaccinators Needed

​In the first week of October, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia welcomed the Andrews Labor Government and the Victorian Department of Health's decision to allow pharmacist immunisers to administer...

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Community Pharmacies’ Role in Vaccinating Australians

​​It has been more than two years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and community pharmacies continue to play a big role in helping every Australian become vaccinated and protected from th...

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Rural Pharmacies Need Different Covid-19 Guidelines

​​The number of Covid-19 cases in rural areas like Bourke, NSW has given rise to new guidelines for community pharmacies. One of which suggests that the staff be split into two teams and rostered...

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The challenges and solutions faced by rural pharmacies in a Covid-19 era

​The challenges of rural pharmacies are well documented. They often struggle to find appropriate health care professionals to staff the facilities, which can significantly reduce the quality of c...

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