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How partnering with a Recruitment Consultant helps you get better career outcomes

​​Searching for a job is a dynamic process and it has a significant bearing on your career trajectory. It’s common to feel a lot of tension in the application process, which is justified because ...

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Rural Pharmacies Need Different Covid-19 Guidelines

​​The number of Covid-19 cases in rural areas like Bourke, NSW has given rise to new guidelines for community pharmacies. One of which suggests that the staff be split into two teams and rostered...

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The challenges and solutions faced by rural pharmacies in a Covid-19 era

​The challenges of rural pharmacies are well documented. They often struggle to find appropriate health care professionals to staff the facilities, which can significantly reduce the quality of c...

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Are you eligible to claim the Intern Incentive Allowance for Rural Pharmacies?

​​The Intern Incentive Allowance for Rural Pharmacies (IIARP) is part of a series of programs aimed at strengthening the medical workforce in rural and remote areas in Australia. It provides financ...

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Attracting (and keeping) Australia's rural health workers

​​Supporting more health workers to remain in rural and remote Australian communities is about helping them settle in socially, as well as professionally.Australians in rural and remote areas have ...

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Go rural, get the experience!

I was recently speaking with a long-term locum of ours, who said whenever she goes to a pharmacy to locum and gets talking to a student or intern pharmacist she always gives them this advice “Go ou...

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